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Celebrating the Modern Woman in every stage of her life.

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I am a mom, wife, daughter, photographer, entrepreneur and friend. As a woman, I understand how busy our lives can get, the struggles and sacrifices we make, putting the people we love before our own needs. I believe in celebrating our spirit, our heart, mind, strength and body. We are radiant.  

We are a sisterhood and you are my beautiful friend, a magical soul. You are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.

This is where I come in.


I'm Maria

She dances to the songs in her head,
speaks with the rhythm of her heart, 
and loves from the depths of her soul.

- Dean Jackson

Barley Sheaf Engagement Session

Rittenhouse Square Engagement Session

Summer Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

Sunset Engagement Session at Valley Forge

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Motherhood is such a wonderful blessing. I had the honor to capture Rebecca's beautiful body as she prepares to welcome baby number two into the world. It was wonderful to experience first hand all the love her family has for the new baby.


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Vanessa has such a beautiful soul. I have watched this girl turn into a woman.


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I think it is remarkable how connected we can be as humans through the internet. Strangers have the ability to create such wonderful friendships and that is how I became friends with Catt.
From when MySpace was the go to social media and still facebook, Catt and I 



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